How to Recover After Abortion

Posted on February 14, 2022 by Metro Women's Care

Experiencing painful emotions after abortion is not uncommon. Many women face physical side effects of abortion and emotional hardship that impact everyday life. One study revealed that 60% of women reported that they felt "part of me died" after their abortions. Men can experience regret and loss after an abortion, too. Perhaps you have felt something similar.

Maybe it feels like you're in a hard place that you can't seem to shake off. Here are some ways to begin on the road to recovery after abortion.

Know You're Not Alone

You may have felt relief at the moment you had an abortion. Yet, now you get hit with feelings like sadness, grief, loss, and regret, during your typical day.

There is hope. At Metro Women's Care, we have a compassionate team ready to support you in your recovery journey. Many of our male and female staff members have also experienced abortion in the past. They want to help you find healing for the future. You don't have to walk this road after abortion alone. We are stronger together.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

One of the first steps to emotional recovery after abortion is recognizing the emotions you're feeling are valid and normal.

Abortion is a serious procedure with emotional effects that maybe no one told you about. Once you face them head-on, it is easier to work through them. You can do this.

Emotional Effects of Abortion

Though every woman's experience with abortion is unique, women have reported many similar emotional experiences after abortion. Some women report negative emotional effects immediately after an abortion as they may feel regret or loss. Other women and men may find that grief after abortion comes years later.

A study done by Professor David Ferguson reveals the possibility of some significant mental health effects of abortion.

One finding in his research showed that at age 25, 42% of the women surveyed experienced major depression during the previous four years. This experience with major depression was twice that of other women.

In other studies, abortion has also been linked to higher rates of anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, and even suicidal behaviors.

Get Help After Abortion

Find hope again after abortion. Life after abortion can be difficult. We can help you understand the common physical, emotional, and relational side effects that many women and men experience after abortion. We can also help you find a path forward so you can heal.

Our one-on-one and group support offerings for both women and men at Metro Women's Care will help you process your experience and feelings. We care about your recovery.

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