Pregnancy Confirmation

Pregnancy Testing & Ultrasound Consultation

Pregnancy Testing

Are You Wondering if You Are Pregnant?

The fear or excitement around a possible pregnancy is often made more difficult because of doubt and uncertainty. With the help of our certified staff, you can put these doubts out of your mind and confidently plan your next steps.

Have You Noticed Any of These Signs?

Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, and there are many varying symptoms of early pregnancy. Some women have several symptoms while others have none. It is important to pay attention to your own body’s signals. Listed below are a few of the most common.

Have You Taken an At-Home Pregnancy Test?

If you’ve taken an at-home pregnancy test, it is still best to get confirmation from a licensed medical professional to be sure. At-home pregnancy tests are not always accurate and can be affected by a number of circumstances. Our staff provides lab-quality pregnancy tests that will give you a definite result, as well as the evaluations needed to determine how far along you are. We are happy to offer these tests for free for women in Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, Annandale, and the surrounding areas.

Pregnancy Test Results

At Metro Women’s Care, nothing means more to us than your trust. Our certified staff will provide you with your results as quickly as possible and provide you with 100% confidentiality. These services are at absolutely no cost to you.

Ultrasound Consultations

What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a simple and painless procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of the inside of your uterus. There are two types of ultrasounds: transabdominal and transvaginal. The two different methods are used at different stages of the pregnancy. Transabdominal is the most common, where the medical technician applies a gel-like substance to your abdomen. A handheld device is then rubbed over your abdomen to produce the image that you will see on the screen. Transvaginal is where the medical technician inserts a wand-like device into your vagina to generate an image of your uterus. Our certified staff will decide the best ultrasound option for you, depending on how far along you think you are.

What Is the Purpose of an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a necessary step in confirming the viability of your pregnancy and how far along the pregnancy is. Once you have an ultrasound, you may be able to better consider your options, including adoption, abortion, and parenthood.

One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and some pregnancies, called ectopic pregnancies, occur outside of the uterus and require urgent medical attention. If you have miscarried or are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, an abortion is not necessary.

Our licensed medical staff will review the ultrasound imaging with you and answer any questions that you may have.

STI Testing and Treatment

The CDC’s most recent studies confirm that 20% of the population has a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). However, many people who have an active STI like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea do not have any symptoms, so they are unaware of the infection and can pass that infection to others.

In addition, untreated STIs may cause serious health consequences for the pregnant woman like: the increased risk of PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), chronic pelvic pain, infertility or and/or severe pregnancy complications like an ectopic pregnancy, which can become life-threatening. 1

Along with a pregnancy test and/or ultrasound consultation, we offer free, and confidential STI testing and treatment for both Chlamydia and Gonorrhea by a licensed medical professional.

1. CDC 2021 STI Prevalence Data

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