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Thousands of women and men trust Metro Women’s Care for confidential care to confirm pregnancy, make confident pregnancy decisions, and pursue a healthy future.

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Pregnancy Confirmation

Pregnancy Testing

Get accurate, quick results that you can trust with our FDA-approved, lab-quality pregnancy tests.

At-home pregnancy tests may not be accurate, so schedule an appointment to verify your results.

Ultrasound Consultations

Confirm how far along you are and the viability of your pregnancy through an ultrasound exam. Only an ultrasound exam will give you this important health information that’s necessary to have before considering abortion:

  • Determine how far along in pregnancy you are (gestational age).
  • Ensure you are not experiencing a potentially life-threatening ectopic pregnancy (Necessary to know before an abortion).
  • Rule out miscarriage, which can impact up to 20% of pregnancies.

Our licensed medical staff will evaluate your medical history to ensure you qualify for an ultrasound exam and answer your questions.

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Abortion Options Consultation

Thinking of Abortion?

Get answers about abortion procedures and risks after first confirming how far along you are.

Common Abortion Procedures in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.:

  • Abortion Pill / Mifeprex / Mifepristone (RU-486)
  • Suction Dilation and Curettage (Suction D&C)
  • Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)
  • Dilation and Extraction (D&X)/Intact Dilation and Extraction (IDE)

We’ll give you time in your personal counseling session to consider all your pregnancy options. Abortion is a life-changing decision. Take the time in our safe and supportive environment to think through how an abortion may impact you.

Abortion Already Scheduled?

Review a health and safety checklist with our team to make sure you’re choosing the best option.

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Services For Men

My Partner is Pregnant

Her pregnancy impacts you, too. You’re an important part of a pregnancy decision. You are welcome to come with your partner for pregnancy testing and ultrasound appointments. Meet with our male staff to understand your options and important legal and medical information. Our male staff offer coaching on being a supportive partner, understanding how abortion impacts men, fatherhood, healthy relationships, and more.

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Support During Pregnancy

Education, Medical Referrals, and Community Connections

Our team is here for you throughout pregnancy. One-on-one and group educational and mentoring programs will equip you with the information and community resources you need to parent confidently.

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Help After Abortion

Recovering From a Past Abortion

Find hope again after abortion through support available for both women and men.

Life after abortion can be difficult. We can help you understand the common physical, emotional, and relational side effects that many experience after having an abortion. Our one-on-one and group support will help you process your experience and feelings.

We care about your recovery. Contact us for help today.

Same-Day Appointments

Don’t wait weeks to be seen; call today to find out about same-day appointment availability.


Affordable Health Care

Our confidential services are provided at no cost, so you’ll never have to worry about insurance or getting a bill.

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