Supporting Men

Supporting Men

At Metro Women’s Care, we understand that her pregnancy affects you too. As a partner, you are involved in her pregnancy decision. We believe that knowledge is essential when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, and we are here to enable men to best support their partner through this challenging stage. We welcome you to join your partner at their pregnancy testing and ultrasound appointments.

Legal and Medical Education

Whether your partner chooses abortion, adoption, or parenthood, you have both legal and medical responsibilities. If you are overwhelmed by these responsibilities, one of our male staff members is available to meet with you and answer any questions. We are here to walk you through the different options that you and your partner have and how you can assist your partner with the legal and medical decisions.

Supportive Coaching Services

Our male staff also provides supportive coaching services on a wide variety of topics, including,

We are here to provide free counseling to help you navigate through this time. There are no wrong questions, and we promise to provide accurate answers to your questions in a non-judgmental, confidential atmosphere.

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