Help After An Abortion

Help After An Abortion

If you have experienced an abortion, you may be going through many different physical, relational, and emotional effects. At Metro Women’s Care, we offer compassionate and non-judgmental abortion recovery services to women in the Annandale area. No matter the feelings that you are going through, you may find it helpful to talk with someone. If you don’t have someone you can freely talk with this about, we want you to know that Metro Women’s Care is there for you. Our support services are completely free for the men and women in our community.

Physical Support After an Abortion

An abortion is a serious medical procedure that your body needs time to recover after. Our staff of medical professionals is trained to help you understand the physical effects that you are going through. We are also trained to spot early warning signs of serious complications and help get you to the care you need.

Emotional Support After an Abortion

Pregnancy and an abortion both release a significant amount of hormones into your system that can cause a flood of different emotions. Please reach out to our staff for help if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Relational Support After an Abortion

Whether your partner or family supported your abortion or not, your relationships can still be strained. At Metro Women’s Care, we are available to help you talk about your different relationships and help you work through strained connections. With both one-on-one and group support options, you can find the care and support you need after an abortion.

Support for Men After an Abortion

At Metro Women’s Care, we understand that men can also experience emotional side effects after an abortion. Our male staff members are available to answer any questions that you might have and help you support your partner in the best way possible.

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