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Pregnancy Options

Life is full of surprises, but being unexpectedly pregnant may not have been one you were planning on. We understand. You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. You need solid medical information and the opportunity to talk about your options.

At Metro Women’s Care, we’ll verify your pregnancy with no-cost testing. If the test is positive, and you’re considering abortion, you’ll need an ultrasound consultation which we also offer at no cost. Before making a decision about your pregnancy, get the medical consultations and information you need. Schedule your appointment online.

What are my pregnancy options?

Here’s another surprise, you actually do have options for your unexpected pregnancy. No matter what you choose, it’s a life-changing decision. Take your time, learn about your options, and talk with a member of our caring team.


Have you been told abortion is a quick and easy solution? That simply isn’t true. Abortion is a serious medical decision with side effects and potential risks you should be aware of. There are two main types of abortion: medication (or chemical) abortion and surgical abortion.

How do you find out which method they’ll use? It depends on how far along your pregnancy is and the best way to determine the gestational age is with an ultrasound. At Metro Women’s Care, we offer a no-cost Abortion Options Consultation that includes medical testing and an options consult. Learn about the different procedures and risks before you pay for an expensive abortion procedure. Schedule your consultation today.


Adoption is an option that allows you to build a future full of love and safety for your child. If you don’t want an abortion, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of parenting on your own, adoption could be the perfect fit. Many families in Northern Virginia are waiting and ready to help you raise a child.

Metro Women’s Care can help you learn about making an adoption plan that’s right for you. Most adoptions today are open, meaning you have the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life. Meet with our professional consultants, talk to other moms who have made adoption plans, and take your time to decide if adoption is the right choice for you. Simply request an appointment to discuss your adoption options when contacting Metro Women’s Care, and we’ll help you with the next steps.


We would be lying if we said parenting was easy. It’s not, but none of your other options are easy. With parenting, you get the reward of loving and caring for your child and building a future together. We imagine parenting wasn’t what you were planning on doing in your life right now. What if we told you there are incredible resources available to help you? We’ll give you community referrals for things like medical care, housing, and food. And, we’ll help you connect with other parents for support and encouragement.

Metro Women’s Care offers no-cost one-on-one and group educational and mentoring programs. We’ll equip you with the information and resources you’ll need to help you parent confidently. Our team will be here for you throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

If parenting is right for you, we have a team ready to walk with you and help you prepare for the months ahead. You aren’t alone, and you won’t parent alone with the support, community, classes, and resources Metro Women’s Care provides at no cost during and after pregnancy.

If you’re unsure and have questions about the parenting option, talk to us today and get clarity.

What Pregnancy Options Am I Eligible for?

Start your decision-making by first confirming your pregnancy with medical testing at Metro Women’s Care. Determining that your pregnancy is viable (that it continues to grow), knowing how far along you are, and ruling out risks like ectopic pregnancy, will help you decide.

Because certain procedures like medication abortion become much riskier if you are later in pregnancy, it’s important to get clear pregnancy dating before you move forward. There are two steps in pregnancy confirmation: lab-quality pregnancy testing and ultrasound consultation. Schedule yours today.

Talk More About Your Pregnancy Options

We’re here to help you navigate your pregnancy journey! We can sit down with you, after confirming your pregnancy, and talk options. Learn from our team about all three options and what the next best step is for you. We are here for you.

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