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Appointment Waiting RoomIf you’re pregnant or think you might be pregnant, you can make an appointment right now! We offer free pregnancy confirmation services, non-judgmental staff ready to listen, and lots of information about all your options. Here’s a little more info, if you aren’t sure!

Am I pregnant? – Taking a pregnancy test at home can get expensive, especially if you’re worried about the results of the first one and decide to take a second (or third or fourth!) Find out for sure that you’re pregnant by consulting with our medical team and talking over your testing results in a trusted, safe medical setting. We’re here for you!

How far along am I? – Ultrasounds are another part of an unexpected pregnancy that can cost more than you expect. At our center, after an initial consultation you may qualify for a free ultrasound that can help you know if you’re having a viable pregnancy and how far along you are.

If I’m pregnant, what am I going to do? – If you’re online looking for support, you’ve found the right place. Making decisions about your pregnancy can be hard, and it’s not something anyone should go through alone. We get it: you might not be ready to talk to friends or family this early. We’re here to help and support you. We listen, and we have a lot of experience helping women through tough times. Make an appointment and see what we have to offer!

I think I might want an abortion, now what? – When you’re looking over your options, you probably have a ton of questions. You want to know things like how much an abortion costs, what abortion procedures are like, or what other women’s experiences have been. We’ve got information like that, and more. Even if your question is ‘What choice is right for me?’ we’ll listen first, and then help you sort through the rest of your thoughts. There are no easy answers, but with us, you’ll have help along the way.

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