How an Adoption Plan Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

Posted on April 26, 2023 by Metro Women's Care

Abortion has been shown to increase a woman’s chances of developing mental health struggles. Following an abortion, it isn’t uncommon for women to develop the following:

Choosing adoption helps women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy avoid depression that can accompany abortion.

What is Depression?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.” Individuals struggling with depression may have overwhelming feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Other symptoms might include weight changes, inability to sleep or sleeping too much, thoughts of death or suicide, and physical pain like headaches or backaches that can’t be explained.

Post-Abortion Depression

No one can predict how a woman will respond to abortion, but the shifting hormones that abruptly stop as a result of an abortion procedure affect women differently. This combination can easily lead to depression. After an abortion, some women might struggle with feelings of guilt, shame, loss, and grief.

Can an Adoption Plan Help?

While adoption can be challenging, it is an option worthy of consideration. Many birth mothers who place their child for adoption find hope and healing after an unexpected pregnancy because they know their child is alive and safe in the happy home they chose.

Adoptions have the option of being open, semi-open, or closed. These different options give the birth mother the choice of being part of her child’s life.

Post-Abortion Hope

If you have experienced an abortion and are struggling with your mental health, know you are not alone. Find one-on-one and group support at Metro Women’s Care to help you recover from the effects of abortion.

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