How Will Abortion Affect Me Mentally?

Posted on June 6, 2023 by Metro Women's Care

Since every woman’s experience with abortion is unique, there is no way to know how she will react to abortion mentally. When considering abortion, a woman should weigh the mental health and physical risks of the procedure.

Mental Health Risks of Abortion

Though conflicting opinions exist on the mental health effects of abortion, many studies prove there is a link between experiencing an abortion and resulting mental health struggles.

Following an abortion, some women are more likely to struggle with the following:

Risk Factors for Post-Abortion Stress

While any woman can experience mental health struggles after an abortion, research suggests that some women are at an increased risk if they have the following risk factors:

Can You Avoid Post-Abortion Mental Health Struggles

Take your mental health into your own hands. Prioritize your mental health by gathering information about your options for the outcome of your pregnancy. Making an informed decision will eliminate questions and doubts you would otherwise have later.

Have an abortion options consultation with Metro Women’s Care. Learn more about the available abortion procedures, their risks (both physical and mental), and the recovery. Knowing what to expect can give you a head start to healing.

If you have already experienced an abortion and need help recovering emotionally, please contact Metro Women’s Care. We offer free post-abortion support.

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