Ultrasound Exams

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ultrasound examsUltrasound to Confirm Pregnancy

An ultrasound exam at Metro Women’s Care can help confirm the presence of a viable pregnancy (ensuring your pregnancy is in the uterus).  An ultrasound exam will measure how many weeks along in pregnancy you are. This is important information to know before scheduling an abortion since procedures vary depending on how far along you are.

Pregnancy may not be in your plans, but you owe it to yourself to access complete information about your health. It’s important to know that up to 20% of early pregnancies can end in a natural miscarriage. Before you plan an abortion, schedule an appointment to confirm that your pregnancy is viable.

What to Expect during Your Visit

Our services are always provided at no cost to you. Our services are always confidentialAll medical services are provided by licensed medical staff. You will meet personally with the medical provider prior to the exam. During your exam, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and to include your partner or family members. You will have the opportunity to view the ultrasound, as you are entitled by Virginia law. An ultrasound exam is a safe and painless procedure. We do not use ultrasound to determine sex, and some restrictions may apply.